Compare Cassabo Tablet Case Styles

Tablet Model One Piece with Magnet Closure One Piece with Clip Closure



Apple iPad Mini/Mini Retina Yes  
Apple iPad Air Yes  
Apple iPad 3 with Retina Display Yes  
Apple iPad 2 Yes  
Apple iPad 1 Yes  
Samsung Galaxy Tab Yes Yes
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Yes  
Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 Yes  
HTC Flyer Yes  
Blackberry PlayBook   Yes
Motorola Xoom   Yes
Google Nexus 7 Yes  
Amazon Kindle Fire HD Yes  
Amazon Kindle Fire Yes  
Amazon Kindle Touch 3G Yes  
Amazon Kindle WiFi Yes  
Amazon Kindle 3 Yes  
Amazon Kindle DX Yes  
Amazon Kindle 2 Yes  
Amazon Kindle Yes  
Sony PRS-T1 Yes  
Sony PRS 700 Yes  
Sony PRS 600 Yes  
Sony PRS 505 Yes  
Nook Color Yes  

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