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The Cassabo name is synonymous with quality and craftsmanship. All of the leather used for our accessories is full-grain, premium cowhide which we handpick from the world's finest producers for strength, character and grain.

Our leathers have not been treated or altered in any way, meaning any natural markings show through and make each case, wallet or purse totally unique.

By choosing only the finest hides, all of our accessories are of the highest possible quality and as Cassabo products are hand-made by the most skilled craftsmen, we can guarantee that each piece will be finished to the best possible standard.

Our leather has a matte finish and a silky smooth feel that will add an air of elegance to your device. As with all natural materials, leather should be handled with care. Heavy use and contact with sharp surfaces may affect your case’s appearance and durability.

The beautiful, textured surface of Cassabo leather is achieved by polishing techniques. Our leather provides one of the most beautiful and popular finishes, but can be delicate and as such must be handled with care. This leather is ideal for business devices when comfort, style and practicality are required.

Caring for your Cassabo accessory

When cared for properly, good leather is incredibly strong and durable and is totally hypoallergenic. It’s comfortable hand feel and instantly recognisable scent makes premium leather a desirable and highly sought after material. Good leather also stretches and ‘moves’ to match the individual contours of your device, yet still retains sufficient strength to provide fantastic support and protection.

Durability: Our leather certainly improves with age, and with regular use its beauty and character increases. If it’s looked after properly, your Cassabo case will last for many years and be the envy of your friends.
Beauty: As an entirely natural product, leather displays a host of stunning textures and patterns. The unmistakable feel and scent of premium leather makes it highly desirable.


Maintenance & Cleaning

Once a week polish your leather accessory with a dry, clean cloth or soft brush; this will ensure your Cassabo case or wallet lasts for the life of your device. We also recommend using a neutral cream such as Meltonian, applied sparingly with a soft, clean cloth. The leather can then be buffed with a soft cloth or brush to remove any remaining cream.

Do Not:

Use adhesive stickers on your Cassabo accessory. Glue will permanently mark the surface of the leather.
Over-stuff credit cards slots or money pockets as this will permanently stretch the leather.

Leather can easily become dry and brittle so it’s important not to store your case in a plastic bag or airtight container. When in storage, cover your leather product with a breathable cloth. A cotton sheet or dustbag is ideal.

We’ve provided some tips on how to take care of your Cassabo leather product and what to do should your accessory come into contact with everyday contaminants.


If your case is splashed with water, immediately mop up any excess liquid with absorbent paper and leave the case to dry out of direct sunlight. Do not use any direct heat on the case. When the leather is completely dry, rub the surface with a clean, dry cloth to restore the sheen.

If your case gets very wet, soak up excess liquid with absorbent paper. Don’t be tempted to rub, simply blot the surface gently. Allow the case to dry slowly at room temperature, avoiding direct heat (hot air vents, radiators or hair dryers for example) or sunlight. To restore flexibility, apply a little uncoloured leather polish, but only when the leather is completely dry.


If your case comes into contact with oil or grease, remove any excess with absorbent paper and then leave the stain alone. The spot should dissolve into the leather eventually. DO NOT apply water or try to wash out a grease stain.


In the event of an ink stain DO NOT attempt to remove the spot by washing or by applying solvent or alcohol. With a clean, white pencil eraser press softly on the area - this should remove the stain - you can repeat the procedure if necessary.

Once you’ve removed the stain with an eraser, rub with a cloth or a soft brush to remove any remaining rubber. If necessary, apply uncoloured leather polish or cream to the case to restore suppleness. Let the case dry and rub with a soft, dry cloth to give shine.

Our Vitelino, Caterina, Vaquero, and Floater respond very well to this procedure should they come into contact with ink. Depending on the colour of the leather the stain may even disappear completely.

DO NOT use this procedure to remove ink stains from our aniline leathers as these have had no protective treatments applied. If your aniline case becomes stained with ink it’s wise to simply leave it alone. Within a few months all aniline leathers darken and begin to develop a rich patina, which will make any stain less obvious.


Scratch marks are best treated with uncoloured leather polish. This will help disguise the scratch and nourish the leather.

Note: If these procedures do not work, you should consult a professional leather care expert. Cassabo will not assume any responsibility for damage caused by owners using any of the procedures described above.

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