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We are delighted to introduce our 'British Polo Day' range of leather handmade smart phone cases in partnership with the world wide polo events network.

British Polo Days are a celebration of luxury and heritage in a polo events network that spans the world.

In just three years, British Polo Day has established itself as an unparalleled platform for elite engagement in emerging and growth markets.

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The one piece cut ...

The one piece cut is the height of simplicity and style, a very sleek handmade distinctive case to protect your mobile device.

Our exclusive magnetic closure system with hidden magnets, does not affect the functionality of your device.



About British Polo Days

The aim of a British Polo Day is to continue the tradition of playing high quality amateur polo against friends in host countries, while also acting as a platform for British businesses in emerging markets, giving them intravenous access to the global elite.

Having held 35 events in 14 countries, the British Polo Day Global Series has grown to encapsulate 10 annual events, in Abu Dhabi, China, Dubai, Great Britain, India, Mexico, Russia and 3 new events for 2014 Australia, Morocco and the USA. Expect to see British Polo Day in South Africa, Brazil and South Korea in the near future.



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Precision Design for the Sporting Elite

The British Polo Day case boasts our elite, quality and precision hand-crafted sporting design - aspects that strike a real chord with the organisers and their unique worldwide events.

Our cases feature a thermoplastic polymer structure, consisting of five micro layers. With a stylish and slimline appearance, our cases offer the ultimate protection whilst enhancing the look and feel of your device


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Our luxury leather phone and tablet collections are handmade to fit the following brands:

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