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Our Cases

Made from the finest leather, Casssabo cases combine style, elegance and luxury with a practicality you won’t find anywhere else. Our designers have created an exclusive range of accessories that bring a touch of sophistication to your busy lifestyle.

Each one of our products is hand stitched by skilled artisan craftsmen, whose attention to detail is second-to-none. Working with the best leather, they pride themselves on the quality of their work and strive to ensure that each piece reaches our customers in perfect condition.

As well as providing beautiful, high-quality accessories in a range of styles, Cassabo also keeps an eye firmly on the future – constantly innovating and making sure our products keep up with the trends in both fashion and technology.

However we feel the process wouldn’t be complete without you, that’s why we provide a unique customisation service that allows customers to create a product that reflects their individual personality and style.

Leather Lining

Attention to detail is at the centre of everything we do, and as well as being elegant and stylish on the outside, all of our cases are lined with the softest leather to keep your device safe and scratch free.

Our ‘Soft Leather Lining’ gives a stylish lining to the inside of your case, and where possible the ‘Matching Leather Lining’ will mean the inside of your case is covered in the same soft leather you’ve chosen for the outside.


It’s crucial that any case gives precise access to all buttons, lenses, speakers and receivers. That’s why our designers and craftsmen make sure that all of our cases allow you to use your phone freely, without impairment.

The cutouts on all of our cases allow perfect access to headphone sockets, DF/SD card slots, volume buttons and the keypad. The edge of every cutout sits flat and remains flush, to give the case a slim profile so it slips discreetly into a bag or pocket.


If you want to make your luxury case truly unique we offer a personalisation option. Using state-of-the-art laser engraving techniques your case can be inscribed inside the cover or on the back, with a name or even a company logo. By choosing to personalise your Cassabo case you are guaranteed a product that is totally bespoke.

Magnetic Closure

All of our cases boast a robust magnetic closure that’s designed to prevent accidental opening and potential damage to your phone or tablet. The closure consists of two powerful magnets, which are harmless to your device, but will keep the cover shut no matter what.

The magnets sit just under the leather – one on the lower part of the case and the other on base of the cover, and allow fast and easy opening

Snap Closure

Our clever snap strap is carefully designed to keep your device’s connector completely protected from accidental damage and to keep the cover firmly in place.

Memory Slot

Some of our cases now boast an internal pocket in which to store SD, MMC, CF or MS cards. These slots, which are positioned just inside the cover, have been redesigned to allow cards to be stored safely, without the risk of sliding or loss.

Stainless Mesh Protection

All of our cases offer a pioneering stainless steel mesh cover that offers unrivalled protection for your device’s microphone and speaker. This unique cover defends against the ingress of dust or other harmful particles, as well as knocks and scrapes, without affecting the performance of your device.

Our luxury leather phone and tablet collections are handmade to fit the following brands:

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